Artist's Entrance provides creativity coaching for groups and individuals.

We speak to arts collectives and organizations on all aspects of creativity.

We work with you to clarify and define your artistry and artistic direction, and to help you set achievable goals.


Break the Clutch Klatch

Feeling less than grounded in your work? Grinding away at it with no return on your efforts? Pressed for creativity time? Feeling like a drip and ready to drop everything? Don't brew-d about it. Take an inspiration break and get together with other artists at one of our "Break the Clutch" coffee klatches. Visit the contact page and be sure to title your email, "Break the Clutch." We'll inform you of upcoming klatches.

More Than a Coach

The saying goes, a life coach first should have lived a life. Well, a creativity coach first should have created something, and should continue to create. The effective creativity coach is one whose life is all about artistic expression and being a creative person, 24/7.  Your Artist's Entrance coach is active training musicians, voice actors and on- and off-camera hosts and presenters. She writes news, scripts, music and more. She is a producer and a performer.

A Partner in Your Pursuits

Artists sometimes want more than generic coaching, more than the transmission of wisdom learned through experience. Upon client request we have assisted hands-on with composing, arranging music and writing lyrics. We have helped with multimedia scripting and producing.  Program, product and campaign development, as well as networking opportunities and options all fall within our purview.

Drawing on Both Sides

Notoriously, artists do not make the best business people. Your Artist's Entrance coach brings a lifetime of experience working in the arts and in the business world. Universities finally are figuring out that artists must take courses in business in order to survive and thrive in the world today. Courses are important. Schooling and education is great. But you are not the other people in your college class. You are you - a unique individual. You require personalized attention. Get it here.